Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Why NexCon3 Wasn't Worth the Hype

As an avid comic book fan who frequents the annual geek fests in our country year after year, I haven’t actually had the chance to attend previous NexCons before. This being the third, I was expecting a nerd-gasmic experience as it claims to be the biggest fantasy and sci-fi event in the country. Unfortunately, after spending some time at the event, I found myself sadly disappointed—I probably ought to be flipping tables and rage-quitting by now.

I have nothing against Cosplay.ph and Stompworks Media Studios, who I’m sure did the best they could to make sure that this uber gathering of pop culture fans becomes a smashing success. But in a venue like the SMX Convention Center over at Mall of Asia and with a price tag of Php350 per head as an entrance fee, I would have thought that everything would be worth my time and effort. Maybe it’s just me, but I left the event gravely unsatisfied.