Monday, June 19, 2017

AUTHOR UPDATE: New book coming out soon! :)

I've been working on this new-but-old thing since 2010, and when the #romanceclass2016 call came around early last year, I took it as an opportunity to finally take this manuscript out of the dusty drawers and bring it back to life. It's been forever since it got edited and revised and polished like cray-cray, and, finally, I'm about to release the print and ebook versions in a few months.

This is a HUMONGOUS step in my lifelong pursuit of the author life, and I am still forever plagued by paralyzing self-doubt every waking hour of the day, but here it is, and there's no turning back now. Here's just a little sneak peak at the copyright page of the book, to give credit to whom credit is due. :) The big reveal will be out soon, so stay tuned! <3