Monday, June 27, 2016

Toy Review: Tsum Tsum Vinyl Mystery Stack Pack Series 2 by JAKKS

I’m a self-confessed addict when it comes to all things Tsum Tsum, and aside from me swiping away at the app/game, I’m also collecting every Tsum Tsum collectible I can find. The latest discovery is the blind pack that’s available in Toys R Us and Toy Kingdom branches nationwide, and thanks to our Extreme Powers and Expertise in the Kapa-Method, my husband and I were able to effectively feel our way (that just sounds so wrong LOL) through the blind packs to get the characters that we want.

For Php199 a pop, these blind packs feature different Tsum Tsum characters, each with their own background set or prop. This is already from Series 2 of the Vinyl Mystery Stack Pack from JAKKS (because Series 1 just didn’t interest me very much), and the quality is incredible.

Monday, June 20, 2016

Toy Review: Gudetama Gashapon Keychain

I fell in love with this adorably lazy egg the moment I saw his tired face and wobbly butt in toy shops everywhere in Hong Kong last year. Gudetama, the lazy egg, is Sanrio's latest cuddly creation, but unfortunately, he is not exactly popular here in the Philippines. I had to scour the metro for just glimpses of him, and occasionally, I'd spot him in certain toy conventions every now and then. But lo and behold! One day, the hubby and I stumbled upon one of the more obscure Gashapons in SM North Edsa The Block, and Gudetama was there! Obviously, I bought tokens like a crazy maniac and started collecting these keychains just because they can't be found anywhere else. Just look at that shameless little butt and tell me he's not adorable!

Friday, June 17, 2016

Top 8 Most Exciting Stuff From E3 2016

The annual E3 has always been a much-awaited event that we gamer geeks just love to look forward to. With so many things to gush about this year, here are just some of the biggest highlights from the expo.

1.Sorta-Kratos has a beard now in the next God of War game

When Sony showed off its mind-blowing footage of the next God of War game in the works, we’re not quite sure if the protagonist is still the same Kratos we’ve known from the franchise. He’s definitely older now and sporting a glorious beard, and if he is the same Spartan demigod we’ve come to know and love, then he’s got a son in this incarnation (gasp!). Still, that doesn’t mean there’s any shortage of brutality here—the same blood, gore, and violence will definitely keep fans entertained. And in this clip below, there’s some pretty hardcore tough love going on, as Sorta-Kratos teaches his son how to hunt for a deer. On this supposedly simple quest, some unexpected enemies show up, prompting the player to act quickly and dive right in to some fast-paced and brutal action. And then, the tender but morally questionable moment of the son killing the deer follows. The ten minutes of this gameplay trailer alone is definitely enough to make anyone want to play the game!

Monday, June 13, 2016

Want to rule the galaxy? Be a stormtrooper at ToyCon!

What has plastoid composite body armor for blast protection, modified sniper plates for field operations, and a soft spot for helping others? It’s none other than a Stormtrooper from the 501st Legion, and at the ToyCon 2016 at the SMX Convention Center last June 10-12, these troopers with a heart of gold spread the terror (and love!) of the Empire all weekend.

Bad guys doing good

Every year at ToyCon, avid collectors hold exhibits of their prized possessions, trusted merchants lay out their wares for eager bargain toy hunters, and cosplay fanatics duke it out on stage and revel in the sheer joy of wearing their fandom. While the other participants of ToyCon last weekend lined up for much-awaited comic book signings, rocked out to Kristian Nairn (who will always be revered for holding the door for all of us) and his Rave of Thrones, and gushed out to Dean Cain’s interviews, the members of the 501st Legion’s Philippine Outpost patrolled the grounds in the name of the Empire. Of course, when they’re not trying to rule the Galaxy or trying to scour the scene for trooper hopefuls, they’re happily posing for pictures with devoted Star Wars fans—all in Vader’s name, of course!

Monday, June 6, 2016

Upcoming Video Game Releases This June 2016

It’s mid-year madness this June, as some of the most awaited releases are coming this month. Pat your pockets and get your wallets ready for these upcoming video game releases this June.

1.Star Ocean: Integrity and Faithlessness

To be released this June 28th, this Playstation 4 exclusive marks the fifth installment of the world-renowned franchise. Star Ocean: Integrity and Faithlessness is set in an undeveloped planet, effectively setting it apart from its predecessors where the main party usually comes from more civilized planets. In this new game, the quiet life of the main protagonist is shaken to its very core when chaos ensues after an encounter with more developed individuals from other sectors of space. This kind of endeavor celebrates the theme of the series, which is exploring the interactions between vastly different civilizations, societies, and planets.

Thursday, June 2, 2016

Video Game Releases This May 2016

If you don’t really feel like going out in the scorching heat of the season, staying indoors is just as relaxing. Summer is the perfect time to let the gamer in you run wild, so to satisfy those urges, here are some of the best video game releases this month.

1.Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End

Just like any last installment in a timelessly beloved franchise, Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End brings a bittersweet ending to the nine years of emotions that we have all invested in this mind-blowing game. Set three years after Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception and released on May 10th, this Naughty Dog masterpiece puts Nathan Drake in another unbelievable adventure with the title’s signature parkour, innovative and intuitive combat, and outrageous action. The guaranteed blockbuster almost feels like a coming-of-age tale, with Nate getting over his reckless thrill of finding glory and fortune and instead focusing on growing up. The unparalleled graphics are only made even better by the stellar performances (as always) of the whole cast. The voice cast truly brings the highest standards of quality to the cinematic flair that the Uncharted series is so well-known for. Of course, the immortal Nolan North reprises his role as flawed but fab hero Nathan Drake, and voiceover legend Troy Baker plays Nate’s brother Samuel Drake. The return of Elena Fisher and Victor Sullivan is also a welcome treat for fans, with the roles played by series veterans Emily Rose and Richard McGonagle respectively.