Monday, June 20, 2016

Toy Review: Gudetama Gashapon Keychain

I fell in love with this adorably lazy egg the moment I saw his tired face and wobbly butt in toy shops everywhere in Hong Kong last year. Gudetama, the lazy egg, is Sanrio's latest cuddly creation, but unfortunately, he is not exactly popular here in the Philippines. I had to scour the metro for just glimpses of him, and occasionally, I'd spot him in certain toy conventions every now and then. But lo and behold! One day, the hubby and I stumbled upon one of the more obscure Gashapons in SM North Edsa The Block, and Gudetama was there! Obviously, I bought tokens like a crazy maniac and started collecting these keychains just because they can't be found anywhere else. Just look at that shameless little butt and tell me he's not adorable!

Each token costs Php60, and every Gudetama Gashapon keychain requires two tokens. So for Php120, you can get your hands on Gudetama's different egg forms and torture him for all his laziness.

I'm not entirely sure what he's saying in these speech bubbles that come with the keychains, but I do know that he's probably complaining, as he always does in the Sanrio video clips online. Gudetama just can't be bothered, and he's constantly whining about how miserable his life is, how he doesn't want to move, and how he just wants everyone to "leave me alone". 

I was fortunate enough not to get any doubles (because Gashapon machines--or blind capsule machines for those who aren't familiar--are always a risk; you never know what you're going to get). Each Gashapon has Gudetama in a different egg form, which is really creative. There are just endless numbers of ways to cook an egg! 

My ultimate fave is this burger version of him. Just look at the detail! These keychains are really small, so the paint job and the detail with which each is made is just incredible. The material is also really smooth--it's not made of rubber and has an almost powdery texture, so I don't think you have to worry about getting them dirty or having them melt in the extreme heat.  

There's a tiny botched paint job here in this Gudetama version near his eyes, so that's kinda disappointing. But still, everything else looks pretty good, and for Php120 a pop, I really can't complain.

 Here's the complete set! As of writing this, the Toy Kingdom The Block branch has already run out of Gudetama Gashapons, so I'm hoping they'll refill the capsules with the next series soon. Or better yet, I hope Gudetama's fame reaches our country so we can see more of him everywhere!

For those who have no idea who Gudetama is, here's one of Sanrio's clips. I guarantee you'll find him just as adorable as I do after watching this!:)

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