Friday, November 21, 2014

How to Make Homemade Gyoza

I love Gyoza. These little potstickers have always delighted me whenever we visit Japanese restaurants, and finally, when hubby and I got lost in Johor, Mayasia one time, we stumbled upon this cozy little gyoza kiosk that made us fall in love with gyoza even more. I actually planned to sell them as a business, and now I can finally start, thanks to my incredibly talented cousin who taught me how to make these Japanese delights.

Homemade Gyoza Recipe

Saturday, November 15, 2014

The Most Annoying Airplane Passengers Ever

Seat reclined. Jacket draped over our bodies. Snuggled together. Hands entwined.

My husband and I were settling in as the plane took off. Then, when we were just about to close our eyes for a quick nap during the hour-long trip, she started moving. The woman seated beside my hubby.

She was rapidly rocking her head side to side, her eyes closed, her brows knit together. Her hands were raised. Her feet were kicking.

For a split second of horror, we thought she was being possessed.

She was just stretching, though. Sure. That’s what she was doing. Minutes later, she started chanting something. Out loud. With feelings. She didn’t even have earphones on or anything.

On the weirdness scale of weird airline passengers, she definitely takes the cake.

But that’s not all there is to be wary of.

The Worst Airline Passengers You Will Ever Have the Misfortune of Flying With

Thursday, November 6, 2014

How to Care For Your C-Section (But Not Really) Scar After Surgery

If somebody had told me years ago that I would stop wearing bikinis by the age of twenty-five, I would have laughed at that guy’s face. Not that I’m that mean—to laugh at someone’s face and stuff—but it’s just hard to believe, is all.

Of course, how could I have known I would get an ovary sliced out smack in the middle of my quarter-life crisis?

Yes, I had a huge three-headed Hidden Mickey cyst removed (you can read all about it HERE) two years ago, and as a result, I had to say goodbye to my tiny string swimsuits because, heaven forbid, I wouldn’t want anyone to get grossed out by the big fat scar across my belly.

Sure, I can still pull off my cute two-pieces at the beach every now and then, because hell yes, scarred people are beautiful. Still, exposing my scar can’t be all that good for it, now is it? It doesn’t help that I’m a major Keloid-former, too.

So if you’ve ever had an oophorectomy (goodbye ovary!), a C-Section, or a sorta-C-Section-but-kinda-not-really-scar-across-your-belly, here are just some tips on how to care for your wound.

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

How to Bake Homemade Crepe Cake

So I hate baking, but my delightfully wonderful cousin taught me how to make this incredibly delicious treat. And because I'm not into anything too sweet, I just think this crepe cake is perfect. Not to mention it scores me extra brownie points with the hubby.

Baking That Awesome Crepe Cake

Saturday, November 1, 2014

How to Hold a Kitchen Knife

I’ve never really cooked in my life.

Being such a huge fan of the Asian Food Channel, I know all the ins and outs of each cooking show and I got by with knowing squat about anything.

But, now that I’m a married woman, and a complete noob, I’ve dabbled a little bit into the mystic arts that happen in the fabled land of The Kitchen. Such wonder, such mystery! What delightful smells that come wafting in from this unknown sanctuary of culinary treats!  And so, filled with eager curiosity, I stepped into the secret world they call Cooking.

The first thing I did was cut myself.


So here I am, fresh with a Band-Aid wrapped around my finger, to tell you how to properly hold a kitchen knife.