Friday, October 31, 2014

What “The Last of Us” Can Teach You About Zombie Survival

Being a Naughty Dog fan, it’s only natural for me to play This 10/10 super awesome game that comes after the three Uncharted games. Even if I don’t particularly have a fondness for zombie games with the exception of Resident Evil 5 (but that was only because of its co-op functionality), I just HAD to play The Last of Us. I just HAD to. And I’m not regretting it one bit.

Okay, since it’s Halloween and all, I’ve decided to post something related to horror or something. So here are a few things I learned from The Last Of Us in case the zombie apocalypse does arrive.

Survival Tips from The Last of Us

1. Have a killer backpack that can pretty much hold everything you can pick up from the ground.

Yup. Backpack. A sturdy one. How else will you be able to carry all that ammo and those healing items that are just too precious to leave on the side of the street?

2. It pays to have a buddy with you.

Just like Ellie and Joel, form an awesome twosome. Having a partner who’s got your back is CRUCIAL to your survival. Provided he doesn’t stab you in the back (both figuratively and literally), that is.

3.During the zombie apocalypse, do NOT trust random strangers.

It’s a sad, sad fact that even when the whole world is thrown into chaos and it’s just us against these morbid infected creatures, humans can still find a way to turn against each other. And in The Last of Us, everyone who isn’t your pal is your enemy. Yup. Shoot to kill. Sad, sad world indeed.

4. Pointy things rock.
When you’re caught in a tight spot, whip out any sharp object and just start waving it around and slashing like cray-cray. Scissors, knives, makeshift blades and the like are doubly effective compared to other blunt objects. Plus, they’re light and easy to swing around, and they don’t make much noise at all.

5. Learn to swim.

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It’s survival of the fittest out there, and large bodies of water are pretty much always around. If you’re like Ellie and you don’t know how to swim (just like me), you should have some big, strong partner like Joel to carry you afloat on rafts and stuff. Which is a stretch, really. But your best bet is to learn how to swim. Seriously. I really need to learn how to swim. L

6. Keep fit and RUN.

When the going gets tough, you should have a good pair of running legs so that you can make a mad dash for any exit when you are being chased by bad guys, infected or otherwise. So, as usual, exercise regularly and build up your cardio. 

Of course, all these are just for fun. Because if the zombie apocalypse really does happen, I will NOT last long at all. Thank God it’s just a game then, eh?:)


  1. nilaro mo pala to? ang ganda ganda nitoooooo!:D

    1. Super!!! 10/10 talaga. Can't wait for the next one ^^


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