Sunday, February 8, 2015

What Reading a Good Book Can Do For You

Blame it on that hardbound Ladybird Book that told me tales of a Little Red Hen who tried to bake some bread for her farm friends, but ever since I was a little kid, I have been a sucker for books. Slap me anywhere with a good story and I will stay there, hooked, unmoving, and perfectly primed to grow my own mold culture for years and years to come.

I know that booklovers around the world will affirm with a resounding “YES” when I say that there is nothing more intoxicating that sniffing a book until my brain cells hurt, but that is just how it is, and no amount of hi-tech ebooks can replace that.

Thankfully, a fellow bookworm friend of mine found this little nook where we can surround ourselves with books lined up against the walls and not have to worry about sneaking some food away from the librarian. So, at the expense of my incredibly poor eyesight and thick-as-waffles glasses, let me just point out a few reasons why books are simply the best things in life.

Why Should You Read a Good Book?

Tweedle Book Cafe at 106B Sct. Gandia, Diliman, Quezon City. Call them at +63922-8051688.:)

1. A good book takes you wherever you want to go.

There are stories so riveting that your eyes just can’t stop darting back and forth until you realize you’re at the edge of your seat and about to fall flat on your bum. Some tales take you back in time, transport you to the future, or keep you right where you are. Whatever the story is, it immerses you. And you forget about all your stress and your worries and you join your favorite character on adventures you otherwise never would have known. That’s not something you can find anywhere else--no plane tickets required.

2. A good book changes you.

A person is never the same after reading a book. You come out wiser, happier, more content, and an ultimately better person than when you came in, and you don’t even have to break the bank doing it. Plus, if you're like me and every book just gets to your very core, then you'll stay awake in bed having a paralyzing existential crisis after the last page.

3. A good book becomes your friend.

When a story becomes so well-loved that you carry a copy of the worn-out paperback with you wherever you go, you know you know you have found your missing piece. It stays with you long after you’ve closed the cover, and somehow, through that life-changing tale, you get to know who you truly are inside. That’s some freaky shiz!

4. A good book connects you to friends.

Of course, not only does the book become your friend, it also keeps you close to your own circle of bookworms. Nothing bonds a group of pals more than a shared passion for a good story. And when you find a place to hang out and discuss your favorite tales, then all is right with the world. Thank heavens for Tweedle Book Café, where everything from the entrance to the ceiling just draws booklovers in!

5. A good book keeps you hungry.

...hungry for more stories, hungry for life, and hungry for adventures of your own. Of course, I can’t deny that reading makes my stomach hungry, too. When my friends and I set ourselves down at Tweedle Book Café until the clock struck midnight, we simply loved their divine pastas and heart-warming chocolate drinks. I don’t normally post restaurant reviews here in my blog, but Tweedle made me make an exception. Their Ms. Margherite tomato-based pasta, Ola Sardinas Spanish sardines pasta, and Pinoy Breakfast pasta (our fave!) were simply divine. We topped those off with Vanilla Infused Hot Chocolate, Hibiscus Infused Hot Chocolate, and some Genmaicha Latte to warm us through the night.

As another proof that booklovers really do unite, when I forgot to claim my change after leaving at past midnight, Tweedle Book Café let me claim the change the following day and entertained me even though I texted them at the ungodly hour of 2:30am. Best of all, when I claimed the change the following night, they gave me a little treat, too—their Chocolate Molten Lava Cake which was so incredibly good that even my chocolate-hating hubby loved every single bite. It reminded him of the famous lava cake from La Marea in Cebu, with all the moist and gooey goodness of the warm brownie topped with chilled vanilla ice cream. Booklovers do look out for each other indeed! <3


  1. Agree in all points! Nothing beats a real book, for one, it has that unique smell that no e-book could ever replicate. And I love Tweedle. It has all the makings of a go-to-cafe-for-when-you-want-to-disconnect-from-the-world-and-get-lost-in-a-book.


    1. My thoughts exactly! I wonder if there are jobs that would require us to sniff books all day and get paid for it?:P

  2. Pls see coz i think theyve been around much much longer

    1. Hmm I should definitely pay a visit soon!:)


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