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Recreating the Dark Knight: Top 5 Funniest Lego Batman Moments

In anticipation for the Batman v. Superman movie coming out in theaters late this March, why not check out a different version of Batman—one that isn’t all about the gloom and doom? Lego is the universal brick that has brought joy to kids and adults for decades, and when you combine that with the World’s Greatest Detective, there can only be one result—an explosion of awesomeness, complete with flying Batarangs and everything.
Lego Batman, among the many ways Lego reimagines fan faves, has been kicking bad guys’ butts since the very first Lego Batman game in 2008. And if you’re not a believer of its worldwide success, just ask the Guinness World Records, because the game has been officially awarded as the best-selling superhero videogame of all time in late 2014. The sequel, Lego Batman 2: DC Super Heroes, was just as successful, as well as the third installment, Lego Batman 3: Beyond Gotham.
“I am the night. For JUSTICE!”
Just what is it about the brick-fied Caped Crusader that makes him such a delight for fans and non-fans alike? Here are the many ways that Lego has successfully recreated Batman, turning him into a hilarious and ridiculously flawless legend.

1.Batman being too full of himself in The Lego Movie
Phil Lord and Chris Miller reinvented the Dark Knight to be even darker in 2013’s The Lego Movie, but it’s not quite in the way you’d expect. With funnyman Will Arnett voicing Gotham’s protector, Batman has never been more hilarious. Pompous, arrogant, and with a genuine belief that he is a chick magnet, Lego Batman always feels like he should be at the center of the stage, in the spotlight, and the ultimate hero of every single scene. He’s neglected his girlfriend in the film, and he’s even written his own song to showcase his poor, tortured, and frustrated artistic soul. Aptly titled “Untitled Self-Portrait”, the song that Lego Batman composed goes on and on in an emo rock theme about darkness, having no parents, and other places that are dark. Finally, after listing down things like basements and drawn curtains, he ends the song with saying that he’s incredibly rich, which he totally is. He even announces that this thing is real music—oh, Bats, we never would have thought otherwise.
Because the ground-breaking version of The Lego Movie was such a big hit, there will actually be a spin-off movie in 2017 featuring The Dark Knight himself. Our lovable little detective will star in The LEGO Batman Movie with Will Arnett reprising his role as Bruce Wayne and Rosario Dawson as Barbara Gordon. She is the daughter of police commissioner James Gordon, and, true to the comics, she later becomes Batgirl. What’s even more exciting is that according to Phil Lord, the movie will explore Batman’s inner existence as a frustrated artist. Does that mean we get to see even more of his artsy musical pieces? Yes, we certainly hope so.
  1. The World’s Greatest Detective believing in nothing and nobody else but himself
In the animated movie Lego DC Comics Super Heroes Justice League: Cosmic Clash, Brainiac formulates a terrible plan of cataloguing the earth and shrinking it into a handy bottle size for his own personal collection. Barking out orders like he knows he’s entitled to, Lego Batman sets Flash and Cyborg on their own specific missions to stop Brainiac from accomplishing his evil deeds. Cyborg then wishes them all good luck, but Batman refuses to believe in anything else. In the hysterical clip below, he declares with such pride that he only believes in himself—after all, who wouldn’t? And by the way, Batman also has his own branded vitamin drink in the movie with his logo on the can, which he gives to Flash when he runs out of energy. How awesome is that?
  1. Lego Batman becomes the fearless leader of the Justice League
Always walking around with his cape raised and poised for attack, Bats becomes the leader of the Justice League in Lego DC Comics Super Heroes Justice League: Attack of the Legion of Doom. Who says there’s any contest between the Caped Crusader and the Man of Steel? Even though Batman v. Superman would like to pit them against each other, this animated movie has Superman in full support of Batman when the League decides to vote. Lego Batman takes the role of the “fearless leader” quite seriously, even giving Cyborg the iron-clad advice that “feeling” is a problem and that he should stuff his emotions deep down inside. Also, when Superman comments that he never saw it coming when the villains attacked, Batman goes, “I did.” He always has to have the last word, doesn’t he? Truly, Batman is the new Chuck Norris of Internet memes.
  1. Bruce deduces Superman’s secret identity because, well, he’s Batman
Again, there’s no better team-up than The World’s Finest: Superman and Batman. Along the lines of the big screen adaptation this coming March, these two superheroes try to best each other in many areas of expertise, including revealing their secret identities. This highly entertaining exchange happens in Lego DC Comics Super Heroes: Justice League vs. Bizarro League, where the two of them bust each other’s secrets. Of course, Batman always needs to be one step ahead because, well, he’s Batman.
  1. The Caped Crusader gets more than his cape is worth
Superman and Batman are best bros, no matter what they all say. They will always have each other’s backs, just like in this adorable clip from Lego Batman 2. Of course, everyone knows that Batman, even though he is a master at practically everything, has no superpowers and hence, he cannot fly. Clark, however, has got that covered, even adding a little bit of flair to it when Batman goes up into the air. Who needs the Bat Signal when you’ve got that?
Are you a fan of the Lego Batman version of our beloved Dark Knight? What are your favorite moments from any of the Lego Batman franchises? We would love to hear your thoughts about everything, so we can get a few laughs in before the jaw-dropping movie comes out next week. We can’t be more excited—who’s booking front row seats on opening day? We most certainly will!
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