Monday, June 27, 2016

Toy Review: Tsum Tsum Vinyl Mystery Stack Pack Series 2 by JAKKS

I’m a self-confessed addict when it comes to all things Tsum Tsum, and aside from me swiping away at the app/game, I’m also collecting every Tsum Tsum collectible I can find. The latest discovery is the blind pack that’s available in Toys R Us and Toy Kingdom branches nationwide, and thanks to our Extreme Powers and Expertise in the Kapa-Method, my husband and I were able to effectively feel our way (that just sounds so wrong LOL) through the blind packs to get the characters that we want.

For Php199 a pop, these blind packs feature different Tsum Tsum characters, each with their own background set or prop. This is already from Series 2 of the Vinyl Mystery Stack Pack from JAKKS (because Series 1 just didn’t interest me very much), and the quality is incredible.

The paint job is spot-on, and the details and lines are high-quality. There’s even a Tsum Tsum logo and a Disney trademark under each detachable piece of the props. Check out the one engraved on the Alien's rocket floor.

This Alien from Pixar's Toy Story even has "The Claw" inside his rocket, so it's totally legit. I can almost hear him saying, "You have saved our lives; we are eternally grateful!"

My favorite from the bunch is Cinderella, who comes with her own castle (which looks oddly like a washing machine haha). You can even open and close the latch that's supposedly her castle window or something. Love, love, love.

Hubby and I really wanted Ariel, but no matter which toy store branch we go to, she always seems to be out of stock. The kind salespeople keep informing us that Ariel is the most sought-after among them all, because she's rare and probably only appears like twice or thrice in every box set. Still, we're pretty happy with what we've got. Here's Anger from Inside Out looking all fiery.

Best of all, the Tsum Tsum characters themselves aren’t made from rubber. The last time the hubby and I splurged on some Tsum Tsum collectibles, we were totally devastated when we opened up the packs and the Tsums were all sticky and slimy (DO NOT GET THE SQUISHY VARIANTS!). We had to just give them away because there was just absolutely no hope of keeping them on display with that kind of texture.

I'm totally looking forward to the next series, because I hear Sadness is going to be there. And now that we've got this Kapa-Method down pat, it'll hopefully be a cinch ;P 

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