Saturday, July 2, 2016

Toy Review: Tsum Tsum Plush

The Tsum Tsum plushies are among the first merchandise that came out when the Tsum Tsum app spawned a loyal cult following among us Tsum addicts. These stackable and insanely adorable cuties come in small, medium, and large sizes. The smallest ones come at around Php450 a pop here in the Philippines, roughly Php360 in Hong Kong, and only around Php250 in Japan. They're quite pricey for their size, and understandably so, since you just can't beat all that cuteness. And because I don’t want to burn a gaping hole in my wallet, I try to collect just the ones that I really REALLY like (plus, I’m still looking for Mike and Sulley).

The details are totally on-point, and as you can see here, Ariel even has a girly hair accessory with her. Buzz and Woody both have their own shiz, too—Woody with his cowboy hat and Buzz with his miniature wings clipped on his back.

These plushies are easily available in Hong Kong toy stores (check out my guide to Hong Kong toy shops HERE) as well as in any Disney store, or even at the airport. Locally, you can only get them at the various toy shops in Shoppesville Plus, particularly inside the many stalls of Big Boys Toy Store (be prepared to handle the steep price markup, though).

The special edition Chip and Dale stacked on top of each other is a keychain that’s exclusive to Tokyo Disneyland, and they’re a bit smaller in size compared to the standard plushies. Unfortunately, you can’t separate them (unless you destroy the stitching—nooooo), but they’re still adorable, anyway.

I am waaaay far from collecting all the ones that I have on my wish list, so this post will hopefully continue to grow as my collection expands. For now though, I'm genuinely happy with these furry friends!

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