Thursday, June 5, 2014

Not-So-Random Tips On Your Big Day

Being one of the first among my friends to get married, I had no clue what I was supposed to do.

Will I really fit into that gown? Do we even need a cake? What in the world is an arrhae?


I was never the type of girl who had her wedding all planned out since she was 12, so you can just imagine my panic.

Still, my husband and I planned our wedding in 10 months, and thankfully, after the hectic schedules and the crazed trips to all the suppliers, we pulled it off and got hitched smoothly. It was a hell of a ride, one that isn’t without its flaws. Looking back, as we both fondly recalled everything that happened, we found some things that we could have done differently, if only we knew them ahead of time. Like if someone from the future went back in time and warned us and stuff. Or something not ripped off from every sci-fi movie in the 80s.

So, fresh from my first-hand experience, here are some not-so-random tips for your big day:

1.       Join the Female Network GirlTalk forum. 

        I cannot stress how incredibly helpful the forum was when I was planning the wedding. I didn’t even have to sign up or anything, but everything I've ever wanted to know about planning a wedding is all there, based on real experiences of real women. Most guides online are pretty generic and some aren’t even applicable to us Pinays, but the GirlTalk forum is legit. From wedding ideas to supplier reviews, they’ve got it all. WARNING: Checking the forums will eat up your entire day without you realizing it.

2.       Church requirements: DO THEM FIRST. 

        They’re the most tedious requirements but are also the most important. It took us countless trips here and there and some of them turned out to be useless, just because we couldn’t get our papers straight. The most annoying ones of all are the marriage banns. These are basically strips of paper announcing that you’ll be marrying so and so and stuff. So this just means that your COMPLETE INFO and PICTURE will be posted on some random barangay bulletin board for all the world to see. I honestly don’t understand why the heck they’d do such an unsafe thing, but hey, church says so.

3.       Get a separate supplier for your photographer and videographer. 

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        I know it sounds nice to have a package deal from only one supplier, but take heed! Separate them. If something goes wrong with one supplier, at least you still have another. I’m not saying you should get two suppliers who will do your photo and video coverage—this is usually not allowed because most suppliers want themselves to be the only official photo/video of your wedding day (to prevent the occasional Auntie who will get in the way of a perfect shot just because she wants to take her own photo of you). What I’m saying is that you should get one supplier as your photographer ONLY, and another supplier as your videographer ONLY. That way, if, let’s say, your videographer turns out to be a douche, then at least you still have photos to keep and remind you never to hire that videographer ever again (HINT: a certain S.P. videographer sucks. More on this on my supplier reviews soon).

4.       Don’t go overboard with the flowers. 

        No flowers? Gasp! I know some of you girls think I’m committing a capital crime here, but really, who’s  gonna benefit from those heaps of flowers wasted on your wedding day? You can’t really bring everything home, plus, they die anyway. You’re only making it worse by killing off those happy little flowers and separating them from their mother branches. In my opinion, leave the flowers where they are—your budget will thank you for it.  

5.       Go big on the food.

        Instead of splurging on the flowers, shell out some extra cash on the food instead. At the end of the day, the thing that your guests will take home with them is their happy tummy. And when they look back fondly at your wedding, they’ll remember just how divine the shrimp was.

6.       Introduce your family to the photo/video crew. 

        I really wish I'd done this. You wouldn’t want the crew snapping away at some random guest you barely know instead of capturing your tender moments with your older brother.

7.       Have an attendance list for your suppliers, too. 

        Word to the wise: some of them might not show up because of “sudden family emergencies” and stuff (HINT: that certain S.P. videographer again). So have all your suppliers sign on an attendance sheet, just to prove whether or not they really came.

8.       Keep a strict playlist of songs at your reception. 

        My husband and I hate novelty party songs, and we’re very particular about our music. We specifically requested the sound system crew to keep to our given playlist and NOT play any other song outside of that list. Alas, when one of the games came, they ignored our list and started playing that stupid Psy song that’s basically in every party just because it’s “hip”. My hubby was LIVID. That was exactly the song we wanted to avoid. Be wary of generic party songs, my friends.

9.       Sleep? What sleep? 
        Everyone will tell you to get some sleep, but it is a physically impossible feat due to all your nerves screaming their excitement. You will not be able to sleep properly the night before. Best to just deal with it.

10.   Savor. 
        It’s your big day! There will be many things that’ll slip no matter how flawless you think your planning is. So just grin and bear it, and say, “Meh!” Remember, you’re marrying the love of your life that day, and from here on out, everything is gonna be awesome.

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